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Our Story

A few years ago Heather and I began to be moved by the plight of children, particularly orphaned children living in horrible conditions in many parts of the world.  We decided at that time we wanted to be a couple that was more than just grieved by their suffering, but moved to action.  


That’s when we began to dream of starting a children’s home somewhere in the world. We may have even spoken to some of you about it. Many of you encouraged us when we were disappointed, most of your have voiced your approval, and some of you have inspired us with your faithful giving.


Heather’s Home is no longer a dream, it is a reality!  On 26th October 2009, I traveled to Haiti. I have never felt such a feeling of providence and destiny. It has been as if Heather’s Home is happening all by itself without even much involvement from us. We are just a couple caught up in the momentum of what God is doing.  


While I was there I was able to reunite two orphaned sisters, who were separated during the summer. There was not ample room for both of them at an orphanage; only the younger sister (3) could stay. After much searching, I was able to locate the older sister (5), who was turned out into the streets and reunite them. It was priceless and something I’ll remember forever. They were inseparable the entire time I was there, walking arm in arm.  Madeline and Ana Gabrielle became the first two children in Heather’s Home.  


We also rented a very nice home in a gated community for a year. It has plenty of room for the children to play and has several mango, coconut and banana trees.  It is more beautiful than those children could have ever hoped for.  


Our desire is to take those children from the jaws of hopelessness and poverty and lavish upon them all the joy, love, and prosperity we enjoy in our own home.  We are not interested in owning a warehouse where children’s basic needs are merely provided for, we are building a home where children will be loved and nurtured fathered and mothered. 


We are not a wealthy family and can’t do this on our own, we need your help.  First we need to outfit the house we’ve rented. Heather's Home needs just about everything you can think of to furnish and run a house with 12 kids in it. They have nothing literally! 


So still need some substantial foundational gifts to get the home up and running properly. We have already bought new mattresses, an LP gas range, a water tank and many other items the household needs simply to function. However, many big-ticket items are still needed. Please contact us for specific needs at this time.


Simultaneously with the start up push we will be endeavoring to establish a base of regular support in the $30, $60 and $100 per month range. The monthly donations will become the backbone of our support structure and allow us to continue to provide for these children.


We are so excited to see our vision of providing a loving home for the impoverished, orphaned and abandoned children of Haiti coming to pass.


We are working to build our organization now so that we will soon be able to provide timely information of our progress and let you know how you can help to provide a different future for the little ones.

We are working in cooperation with Love Aflame! Worldwide, Inc., a 501(c)3 not for profit, international organization that is providing fiscal sponsorship. 


We are also utilizing the experience and expertise of an orphanage that is located near the site of Heather's Home--an orphanage we have been supporting for over 20 years--Ambassadors for Jesus Children's Home--of Laplaine (greater Port-au-Prince area), Haiti. This ministry has been indispensable in helping us to accomplish our goals.

Whenever we are in our home in the United States we can't wait to get back to Haiti and to our children in Heather's Home . We love to hold our children, look into their eyes and tell them that Jesus loves them and that we do too; some of them have never before heard such words.


Please keep in touch with us if this ministry is of interest to you. We are looking for caring partners who will join us in providing food, clothing, shelter, education and security to these who truly have no one else to look after them


John & Heather Earley

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